Hello! My name is Walt Williams and I have created a blog so everyone interested can follow me on my journeys, and I can share my photography with a platform to display my artwork.  This blog will be a work in progress as I am learning how to build a following and manage the page to give you something worth reading and viewing.  I also plan to take you on my trips visually as I will be posting my photos.  My hope also, is to illuminate spiritual insights.   I have worked in a therapy field most of my life so will be talking about my emotional challenges as I travel.   The title “Life Is About You”,  is leading myself and you to what we need to become more authentically ourselves. 

Travel has become one of the activities I have needed to be more authentically me.  This has been a process of emotionally breaking free of the traditional family ties and taking vacations alone.  Fighting feelings of not deserving such adventures while others are at home.  I love to photograph this world and everything in it and have been doing this over forty years.  Now in retirement, I hope to spend this time traveling with my grandchildren and sharing these adventures with you and supplementing my income with the sales of my artwork.  Please check out the gallery tab, the country tabs,  and come along with me.